becoming a freemason


How does a man become a Freemason?


Step 1: Get an overview of Freemasonry. You can access lots of information on the web but be cautious of what you read. You can also approach a freemason should you happen to know one and ask.

Step 2: You must meet several requirements to become one. In the jurisdiction of Alberta, below are the requisites:

- a man of good moral character

- belief in God

- at least 21 years of age

- be able to support yourself and your family financially

- you intend to join out of your own free will and accord

- have lived in Alberta for at least 1 year

Step 3: Decide to join a Lodge

Step 4: Be accepted, start your travel and continue on.

Which Lodge should I join?


There are several Lodges in Lethbridge. To be one – ask one. You can always ask someone who you know as a Freemason in Lethbridge. 

Lodges conduct regular meetings on different days and times once a month. It would be to your best interest to check out which lodge suits you with regards to locale, time and date of meetings.

Lethbridge Lodge #39 meets every 3rd Thursday of the month, except July and August. The regular meeting is held at the Lethbridge Masonic Hall which is also home to a number of different lodges under the Chinookarch District. 

Feel free to contact us through this website for further information. 

Joining Lethbridge Lodge #39


Please meet us:

Join our festive board in any of our regular meetings. This way, you can get to know the members of the lodge, see the inside of the lodge and get a feel of the fellowship. You can attend our festive board a couple times until you decide (or not) to submit your application. 


After deciding that you intend to join our lodge, you will need to get in touch with our Secretary and ask for an application form. This application form will need to be signed by at least 2 members of our lodge who will be acting as your sponsors. The rest of your journey will go from there.

What are our Expectations?


Time – it is expected that you as a candidate and prospective member shall make every effort to attend our regular meetings plus social functions and gatherings. We do however, understand that this may not always be possible but the expectation shall always be there.      

Financial Commitment – there will always be cost associated with joining; as such it is wholly expected that all financial obligations be met. This goes for initiation fees and annual dues.